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Features & Benefits

  • Share data with your healthcare provider
  • Keep track of your kids’ daily progress, and share the data with their pediatrician or specialty doctor
  • Setup your patients, on their behalf. If you so desire you can add GoToMyDiet membership for your patient to their invoice.
  • With regards to home healthcare, you can lower your remittance rates and incidents of medical malpractice when healthcare providers can more adequately record patient data associated with their ongoing treatment, including medication and therapy practices. The provider would have recording access, family members (who have power of attorney), and physicians would have viewing access, therefore, creating a system of checks and balances.
  • Better measure the effectiveness of drugs that you are trying to get approved by the FDA. You can also better measure potential side effects with other drugs that patients are currently taking.
  • Make it easier for physicians to practice higher quality medicine in the eyes of your patients, therefore increasing a healthcare institution's national rating.
  • Optimize your time working on a patient's case by enabling your patients to efficiently track their own dietary/medical intake and outtake.
  • FREE standard electronic forms / checklists
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Who Can Benefit?

  • Parents
  • Doctors & Nurses
  • Home Healthcare Professionals
  • Therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Anyone who wants to track their overall diet to share with his or her healthcare provider or therapist

About Us

GoToMyDiet was born out of the needs of the founders, Ben and Heather Klein, for their family. They have six children. Four of the children require above normal tracking of one or more of the following: medicine, food, drinks, exercise / therapy, and elimination. One of the children, with chronic gastrointestinal issues since birth, requires all of the above. Heather, a very driven and solution oriented person, has always come up with charts, spreadsheets, and other ways to track the required information in order to be knowledgeable at the time of the many doctor appointments. It became too much to track all the children’s various needs by paper. Heather asked Ben to create a spreadsheet. After several versions of the spreadsheet, to get it just right, Ben, a senior application developer, thought, “there is a much better way. I know databases and web development.” Using his 20 plus years of development experience and their one child’s case for beta testing, GoToMyDiet was created. The interface had to be simple and straightforward. Heather, who is a functionalist, was instrumental in designing the foundation of this platform and the user experience.

The ongoing mission of GoToMyDiet is to provide a flexible and easy method of recording data in the five key areas of: exercise / therapy, food, drink, medicine, and elimination. The secondary mission is to help bridge the communication gap between the healthcare provider and the patient.

Software platforms should change as part of an iterative process in an effort to fulfill the company’s mission to the best of its ability. The vision of GoToMyDiet is no different. The future of the platform is through new software clients, integration with enterprise systems, and constant additions to the platform in order to optimize the features and benefits and maximize customer experience.